This is Costing You a Job Promotion

Getting a job promotion goes beyond just doing your work. A lot of people have the potential of being promoted based on their work ethic, but that is only one criteria. The decision to promote someone is very complicated. There are many factors to consider. If you would like me to cover this, you can let me know in the comments.

However for this article, I want to talk about things that you should just avoid because no matter how much you meet other requirements for a job promotion, these things will cost you. They make hardwork irrelevant. And all of them are self-inflicted and could be avoided.

Being Too Hot Headed

Have you met a person who feels like they have to argue everything? A person who feels like they need to respond to every email? Those people are not getting a promotion I can tell you that. It shows a lack of EQ and lack of critical thinking. As companies, we are doing succession planning everyday. We are already thinking who is going to take over the stakeholders and big client accounts. There is no way we are sending someone who is a loose canon. I am not saying do not stand up for yourself…just don’t go to war every time you don’t like something.

Looking Uninterested

I used to attend team meetings with this colleague of mine who used to slouch in the boardroom. He would sit quietly and not contribute. It always seemed like he cannot wait for the meetings to end. When his peer got a promotion he was shuttered. I was confused because I thought he did not want the promotion. The powers that be also got the impression that he did not want the promotion either. So, how self-aware are you?

An Attitude of Entitlement

The moment you start building a delusional story in your head about how a promotion should be automatically yours, you have lost the promotion. That is because you are going to be complacent. You will not do the things that you need to do to push yourself towards that job promotion…but someone else will. You will lose the race without seeing it. Let me be clear and quick: how long you’ve been with the company, your age and your experience do not give you a promotion by default. Get over that.

So, avoid these 3 things by all means then apply proper job promotion strategies. If you found this article to be useful, please drop a like at the bottom. Your support is really appreciated. Do not forget to check @careeremporium on Insta, TitkTok and YouTube.

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