Making The Most of Industry Associations: Career Acceleration Strategy

Industry Associations provide a lot of advantages for professionals. You can get a designation which elevates your status in your profession. You can also get continuous development in order to stay on top of latest industry trends. All these things come standard with your membership fee. However, there is so much more that you can get from actively participating in your Industry Associations. The more proactive you become, the more you unlock more opportunities.

So, here are three things that you can do in your Industry Association to unlock more benefits than what is listed on the website.

Intentional Networking

I have been in Industry Association events where people were walking past each other to only hangout with their “clique”. Obviously, me not being associated to anyone (as a guest), I speak to everyone. I found it so interesting that information that some members were asking me for, I had literally just gotten it from another member that I have spoken to 5 minutes before. Think about it. Your Industry Association has people that work in large corporations, in higher positions and sitting with high level information. Your clique probably does not have that information. Network intentionally.

Becoming a Change Agent

Industry Associations do not have it all figured out. I know this because I worked for one. They are always open to ideas on how they can make impact, not just for their members but also for the industry-. Let’s say you pick up a gap in a legislative framework that governs your sector. Do not just stand in the kitchen and complain about it. This is your moment to be a hero. A change agent. Make your submission. Send that proposal. You might find yourself in a committee or working group. That looks great on your CV or LinkedIn.

Professional Content

A lot of people struggle with professional content. Why is content on LinkedIn important? It gets you headhunted for higher positions. When you are a thought leader, you are considered hot commodity. So, when you attend Industry Association events, that is an opportunity for you to drop fresh content. Write down a summary and drop some content on who said what and what your thoughts are.

It is time we stop taking a back seat. It is time to focus. Let us wake up. If you found value in this article, please drop a like. Your support goes a long way. Also, please drop a comment (scroll all the way down) and let me know your thoughts.

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