3 Signs That It is Time To Leave Your Employer, Even When Things Are Good.

We all seek that one great place where we can retire. A company that will provide us with our last stretch. We all strive for that.

Sometimes we make the wrong choice. We stay in environments that do not benefit us. We just blindly stay there and cause damage to our career progression.

If you are not sure that you are making the right assessment for yourself, let me give you some direction. Let me give you 3 signs that will tell you that maybe it is time to part ways with your current employer, even when there is no beef. It does not always have to be bad for you to leave your employer.

You Cease to Exist

Sometimes when we join companies we come in as hot commodities. We get utilised optimally because of the value that we bring. We are brought into projects. We are asked for our opinion. Every project that we get pulled into allows us to learn new skills. Then it starts to slow down and poof…you disappear. This could happen for many reasons and it is not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe the company is moving into a different direction and emphasis is placed else where (different department and resources). It is nothing against you. They still pay you well. They are not bullying you. You are still well taken care of, but your opportunities to learn have gone down to zero. When that happens, it may be time for you to go look at an environment where you can be utilised optimally.

Your Point of View Changes

When I am talking about a point of view changing, I am not talking about you disagreeing with everyone in the office and going to war. I am talking about growth. It tends to happen and it is not a bad thing. Maybe your outlook on the economy changes. Maybe your outlook on policy changes or your outlook on impact changes. If you are in an environment that did not “evolve” with your growth then there is a misfit. Again, it does not mean you are beefing with your employer. It just simply means you are appreciative of the good treatment that they give you, but it is time to go. It is time to find a company that thinks like you.

Your Status Elevates in Industry

Things like posting quality content on LinkedIn can elevate your status in your industry. Same with getting some speaking engagements and media time. People start viewing you as a more senior person and engage you on that level. It could be different in your company. This is not to say that they disrespect you or anything like that. They still treat you well. They take care of you, but you are still in that Junior position while the rest of the industry sees you as senior. Your career status is high to them. If this happens, maybe it is time to go else where and start your senior management journey. It is really nothing against your employer. It is just time to grow somewhere else.

Sometimes, there aren’t any bad signs that you need to leave your employer. You could be happy, but that does not always mean you are getting the best benefit.

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