This is Why You Are Failing Your Job Interviews

Making it all the way to the job interview stage and failing can break you. We walk into the interview full of hope. We often feel like the long stressful job search process is finally coming to an end or we are finally about to leave that toxic workplace. Then boom, we are back to square one after that “we regret to inform you” email.

There are three common reasons why that happens.

Focusing Too Much on The Basics

A lot of us seem to only prepare for the basic questions and basic etiquette when it comes to job interviews. We practice the most common asked interview questions. We arrive early, dress well and sit up straight. Essentially that means if there are 20 interviews taking place for that particular post, there will be 20 people who will do the interview exactly like you. That already puts you at a disadvantage. While the basics are important, you need to bring one unique thing at least. Maybe your volunteering experience? Maybe you were featured on a website? Did you get an award at work?

Failing to Leave an Impression

When you leave the interview room, will the panel remember you after going through 50 people? Or are they going to have to remind each other who you are? Leaving an impression is about fitting in as a solution. It is not about being loud or having a daring hairstyle. It is about showing the panel that you understand where you will fit into the organisation and what problem you will be solving. Being basic is not going to cut it.

Being Negative Inclined

This is what being negative inclined in a job interview means, for instance. When you are asked about what kind of work environment you like, you respond by talking about the kind of work environment you dislike. When asked about why you applied for the new position, you talk about how you do not like your current position/workplace. While your responses might make sense, the delivery could be off-putting.

We will share more mistakes but we hope these ones can give you a start. Please feel free to share this article on your social media platforms so that we can assist as many people as we can.

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