Right Content, Wrong Audience: Why Your LinkedIn Analytics Lead to Nothing

LinkedIn measures 3 analytics on your profile: Post Impressions, Profile Views and Search Appearances. Most of these are influenced by your activity, like the content that you post. The idea is that these analytics should lead to some engagement…like a job offer or that huge business deal. Maybe not instantly, but the prospect is there.

This had led us all into this mission to post quality content so that our analytics go up. So, why does your high analytics lead to nothing? That is because your audience is wrong. By audience we are talking about connections. Sometimes you need to fix that instead of your content.

Let us take a step back. Your content is supposed to make you sound reliable as a professional. Remember, most people on LinkedIn have not seen your work, so they rely on your content to get an idea of it. If you are analyzing data or trends related to your field in your LinkedIn content, it becomes safe to say “this person knows the job. Let us contact them”.

However, if you get your content right but your audience is mostly students and your family…you catch the drift? So, today go back to your LinkedIn and check who your connections are. For the future, do not just accept anyone as a connection. Keep your audience clean.

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