Underwear Saga: Why Your TikTok Content Might Discredit You in Corporate

One of the biggest phrases on TikTok is “People are getting too comfortable on this app”. And it is so true. Granted, when you knock off from work and you fire up your TikTok, that is your time to be yourself. You should dress any way you want to when you post content and it is unfair to be judged on that…but lot of things are unfair in life. War is unfair. Corrupt politicians are unfair. We need to deal with it.

When you are building a career, one of the things that you must do is increase your status in your sector. Tiny skirts, transparent tops, sagging jeans and low cut pants may not quiet have that effect. Too much underwear showing. So yes, your ambition will make a lot of things unfair on you. People may be comfortable with seeing underwear on TikTok, but in corporate it is still a very private thing. It is tough to hire someone whose underwear you have seen…multiple times.

Unfortunately, you cannot have both. One must go. Either keep your “explicit” TikTok content or keep your career ambition. You might think that business owners and directors are not on TikTok. You might think that it is a secret world that the “serious people” do not know about. They do. They have probably seen you and that is not always good.

So, think about it. Young people…you have a right to be young and carefree. That does not mean you need to be half naked. Older people…dress up. You are already in the workplace. You have subordinates and they might be on TikTok.

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