These 4 Things Are Causing You Unnecessary Stress at Work

Workplace stress is a real thing and it affects a lot of people. We all want to thrive and grow in our careers. However, there are stumbling blocks that we meet along the way. One of them being workplace tension that leads to stress. Some of it cannot be controlled such as the clash of personalities or company culture, but some of it is self-inflicted.

These four things are making you inflict stress on yourself.

Wanting to Respond to Everything

Sometimes, it is best not to respond. If you submit something for a work project and something gets questioned, you can respond to provide clarity. If your manager is having a bad day and swings off the handles calling the whole team incompetent, you can sit that one out. Carry on with your work. Keep delivering good projects. They will calm down eventually. Do not start a war that will last forever.

Seeking Validation from Colleagues

When we seek validation from people, we do not outright say “I seek validation from you”. So, it becomes these minds games where the person that is supposed to give you validation does not know they are part of the game. So, they do not give it at the time that you want it. This is stressful to even read. So, let it go.

Trying to Impress Your Boss

There is a difference between wanting to be acknowledged for your work and wanting to be treated like Beyonce. Trying to impress your boss is like the latter. That takes a lot of energy which can consume you. Besides, why are you even looking for that?

Making Too Many Friends

Picture this: You are juggling 3 important projects…then you also have to play therapist to that one friend who always has relationship problems. Add to that, you need to deal with the tension between you and that one “work bestie” who feels like you are not spending enough time with them. Is that stress really necessary?

These are really small things that can make a big change.

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