Keep it Together: 5 Reasons to Hold Back Tears at Work

Crying is a natural human response to emotions, but shedding tears at work can have unintended consequences. While it’s important to express emotions, the workplace might not be the best place to let it all out. Here are five reasons to keep your composure and avoid crying in front of your colleagues.

Reason 1: Professionalism
Crying can be perceived as unprofessional, and may damage your reputation or relationships with coworkers. It’s essential to maintain a level of professionalism, even in challenging situations.

Reason 2: Perception of Vulnerability
Showing vulnerability through tears may lead colleagues to question your ability to handle stress or difficult tasks. This perception can impact your career growth and opportunities.

Reason 3: Discomfort for Others
Witnessing someone cry can be uncomfortable for colleagues, leading to awkwardness or uncertainty about how to react. Spare your coworkers the discomfort and find a more private space to process your emotions.

Reason 4: Distraction from Work
Crying can be a distraction for both you and your colleagues, hindering productivity and focus. It’s crucial to prioritize your work responsibilities and find ways to manage emotions outside of work hours.

Reason 5: Personal Boundaries
Crying at work can blur personal and professional boundaries. Keeping your emotions in check helps maintain healthy boundaries and prevents colleagues from becoming overly involved in your personal life.

I am not saying you must be a robot and not show emotions. I am saying that do not go too far with it.

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