5 Open-Ended Questions Managers Can Use to Boost Engagement in a Team

As a manager, encouraging employee engagement and participation is crucial for a productive and successful team. You will earn respect and loyalty. One effective way to do this is by asking open-ended questions that stimulate meaningful conversations and help build trust. Many managers make the mistake of thinking that if they become dictators, the team will perform. That is not true.

Try this instead when interacting with your team.

1. What are your thoughts on…?

    This question encourages employees to share their opinions and ideas on a specific topic, promoting critical thinking and creativity.

    2. Can you tell me more about…?

      This question shows genuine interest in an employee’s work or project, encouraging them to share their knowledge and experiences.

      3. How do you think we can improve…?

        This question empowers employees to suggest solutions and take ownership of problem-solving, promoting innovation and growth.

        4. What are your goals for the next quarter?

          This question helps managers understand employee aspirations and provide support, leading to increased motivation and engagement.

          5. What did you learn from…?

            This question encourages employees to reflect on their experiences and share valuable insights, promoting learning and development.

            As a manager, you still need to meet your KPI’s and your fate lies in how well your team performs. If you have a team that is not engaged, it will show on your own scorecard.

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